Victory at 15,000 feet!

LGA to DEN Friday night, 11/14/14.

I had a great trip to NYC, but needed to turn my brain off for an hour, so I poured everything I had into level 200 on Candy Crush. The task was not easy, but with determination and a little cheating (if you don’t know how to cheat, google it, it will change your life) I crushed all the candies. What is it that had me playing a 2 minute game over and over and over. I’m just matching patterns for goodness sake. I get no money for it. No real reward… but those darn candies are just so addicting.

This reminds me of a couple conversations I had this week and my overall impression that I always seem to leave New York thinking about – human nature. We are all so different, yet also very predictable. I was at a beer client’s office during this trip and we were talking about the rise and fall of QR Codes. The concept was there, but what happened? He said to me, you know what happened was that we (marketers) forgot to think about human nature. We got so excited about the shiny new tool, that we forgot that what actually makes people want to engage with a brand isn’t the technology, it’s what what they will get if they participate. He even admitted to learning this the hard way.

People are humans. Profound, right? We want a reward. Whether it’s a coupon or a sweepstakes or an exclusive video, or instant product reviews, or just that feeling of victory. We are motivated by money (making it or saving it), saving time, winning, getting access, and matching patterns (it’s somewhat of a phenomena that we are preprogrammed to want to find and complete patterns…remember Tetris?).

So, remember this next time you are working on any type of marketing campaign where you plan to measure consumer engagement. Are you offering something that will appeal to your target? Are you clearly telling them what they’ll get if they engage? And are you making it as easy as possible for them to get it? If you answered yes to all three questions, then your program will be a success… as long as the creative gets to the printer in time, right?

Ok, back to 201.