Tactical Expectations for Interactive Brand Marketing.

Brand marketing via tactical expectations

We know mobile. We know brand marketing.
We know how to get you the most from both.

Brand marketing relies on high activation rates

How to drive the best brand marketing results from your mobile activation campaign

We’ve worked our mobile magic with over 30 of the top 100 advertisers and have executed over 1,500 mobile activation campaigns to date. We’ve become experts at knowing what it takes to get a consumer to pull out their phone and take action. Many call it brand marketing. We call it our Steps to Activation.
Its 5 simple steps guaranteed to drive results in those few critical seconds when a consumer will decide if they want to engage.

SpyderLynk Steps to Activation

Brand Marketing goes through 5 steps to achieve success!

1. Awareness

Consumers have to be aware that there is a mobile activation opportunity through your brand marketing. You may have the best offer in the world, but if you don’t tell the consumer about it, it doesn’t matter.

We suggest: A strong and clear call to action that clearly articulates to the consumer what they will get if they take action. The best results happen when the call to action is the visual priority in the creative.

2. Interest

OK, you’ve grabbed their attention! Next, the consumer will decide if they are interested in what you are offering. This is when you need to know the five simple words to live by for excellent mobile activation: What’s In It For Me? Stamp that right on your forehead so you don’t forget, because it’s everything when it comes to turning interest into action.

We suggest: You don’t have to do a coupon every time (although this has definitely proven to work) your offer just has to be well-targeted – right time, right place, right offer. Click here to see our mobile moments study about what consumers want from mobile.

3. Understanding

Bravo! Your customer is interested. Now, they just need to know what to do to get what they want. And you better make it simple and snappy or you’ve lost them.

We suggest: Make certain no matter what technology you are using that you tell consumers what they need to do to engage. Snap a photo and text it to this number. Scan this with any QR reader. Scan this UPC Code with Snap Reader. Consumers are still getting the hang of taking action with their phone, don’t assume they know what to do. (You know what happens when you assume things, right?)

4. Ability

They are interested, they have their phone out, they know what to do. Now, make darn sure you chose a technology that everyone can use, or all of your hard work to get them to this point is for nothing.

We suggest: Know your audience and know what type of phone capabilities they have. If your entire audience has a smart phone (remember only 70% of the US population
currently does) then you can use any activator. But if you are trying to reach a broader audience, you might want to consider SnapTags or Keywords that only need camera and texting capabilities to work.

5. Success

Last, but definitely not least, you want the consumer to have a successful engagement through your brand marketing.

We suggest: Make sure all of your content is mobile optimized and test, test, test. Working with a partner who will help you execute and test your program is the best way to ensure a successful experience for your customers.

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