SnapTag® – More than any QR Code.

QR codes have nothing on SnapTag mobile barcodes!

SnapTag mobile barcodes are like interactive buttons for the real world.

A SnapTag mobile barcode is like a QR Code that doesn’t require an app, is actually secure, looks way better, and is connected to a powerful engagement platform. Ok, it’s really not all that similar to a QR Code but they both are scanned by phones to access stuff. And that’s where the similarities end, and the really awesome aspects of a SnapTag mobile barcode begin.

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Here’s the skinny on SnapTag mobile barcodes:


WHAT is SnapTag:

SnapTag mobile barcodes connect brand
marketers to every aspect of the marketing
from traditional media to social
It turns a simple logo into a
mobile marketing campaign.

QR Codes made branded by SnapTag

Code Ring™

The breaks in the Code Ring can be moved to
thousands of different positions creating
a new code with each position. Each code
can be assigned a unique response.

Putting a brand front and center of the QR Code

WHO can use SnapTag vs QR Codes

Anyone with a camera phone or a smartphone can activate SnapTag mobile barcodes to instantly access content, special offers, purchase opportunities and more. Consumers simply snap a photo of the SnapTag mobile barcode and text it to a designated code, or scan the SnapTag mobile barcode using the Snap Reader App.

We reach more people, quicker and easier.

90% of US adults have a cell phone. But only 58% of those are smartphones that can use a QR Code.

Guess what? A QR Code requires a smartphone.

That means 32% of cell phone users are out of luck with a QR Code.

SnapTag mobile barcodes can be used by anyone with a simple camera phone.
SNAP! Now we’re talking to 80% of adults with cell phones!

Ready to snap into a bigger percentage of cell phone users?
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More people can use SnapTag than QR Codes

WHERE SnapTag mobile barcodes can be placed.

SnapTag mobile barcodes can live just about anywhere. They can be printed in magazine ads, point of sale signage, event signage, FSI’s, packaging, brochures, stickers and more. Heck, we’ve even seen them on t-shirts and cookies! They can be on digital screens and televisions, too. Our latest products, SnapTag One and SnapTag IoT, offer unique SnapTags that can track an individual’s journey through the purchase process or a product through the supply chain from manufacturer to the consumer!

Omni-Channel Media

WHY you should use SnapTag:


Why consumers love SnapTag

Consumer Engagement Platform

Marketers love what SnapTag does

SnapTag mobile barcodes drive digital results in the real world

• Get real-time feedback on traditional media performance.

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• Track ROI

See how 22% of L’Oréal’s respondents bought the featured product >

• Full service solutions

Check out over 23 standard templates plus more custom templates >

• Deliver meaningful consumer experience

Find out how Dos Equis drinkers got rebates and butchery classes and
Coke drinkers shared college fight songs >

HOW SnapTag mobile barcodes work:

Our mobile platform can deliver videos to heighten customer engagement

WHEN you should try a SnapTag mobile barcode:

Now! Pull out your phone and start snapping!


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