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So much more than a QR Code scanner – download the Snap Reader App!

Our Snap Reader offers much more than the typical QR Code scanner because it can also interact with UPC Codes and of course SnapTag® mobile barcodes, too! The Snap Reader is available for free in the iPhone App Store and on Google Play.

You can also get it by texting the word APP to 95871

(Available in the US and Canada).

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Snap Reader - a QR Code Scanner and more. Download this QR Code app here!

Use the Snap Reader App – it’s unlike any QR Code Scanner app you’ve seen before.

The Snap Reader app for iPhone and Android is easy to use and unlike most QR Code apps, its proprietary which means all of your communication to your favorite brands are secure! A consumer simply opens the app and hovers their phone’s camera over a SnapTag mobile barcode, QR Code, or UPC Code on an ad, poster, product package, sales display, or other collateral. Our QR Code Scanner, Snap Reader, will automatically detect the SnagTag mobile barcode and unlock brand specific content and offers such as giveaways, sweepstakes, loyalty rewards, exclusive video content and mobile landing pages. While the app is not required for activating SnapTag, it gives iPhone and Android users another way to do so.

QR Code Scanner - Step One

QR Code Scanner - Step Two

QR Code Scanner - Step Three

Easily manage all of your SnapTag mobile barcodes

After you scan a code, the app automatically archives it in your Snaps Library. This makes it easy to manage all of your codes. If at any time you want to see the conversation you had with a particular brand just go to your Snaps Library and click on that brand’s code.

QR Code Scanner via SnapTag

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