Reporting – as in Mobile Analytics.

mobile analytics

Our Reporting Dashboard is an essential component for any marketer. Measure the success of your mobile campaigns!

Types of mobile analytics we offer:

  • Reporting Dashboard
    This is housed on our Client Portal and provides real-time access to your campaign data any time you want it.

  • Weekly PDF emails
    We can also send you a weekly summary of your campaign activity so you don’t have to login to anything.

  • API’s
    We can pass all campaign data at once, do a nightly post, or provide a real-time feed.

The mobile world is expanding at a terrific pace.
But, the mobile marketer suffers from a lack of data tracking ability to help analyze traffic and customer behavior.

What our Reporting Dashboard can help you learn:

  • What media is working to drive action?

  • What campaigns and calls to action are driving conversions?

  • How to optimize engagement and conversion.

  • Overall campaign ROI.

  • Find early success indicators for promotions, new products, and campaigns.

Data we collect:

We create a GUIDE for each user in our platform so that all actions are tracked by user. Here is just some of the data we collect for all campaigns:

Snaps by:

  • Time/date
  • Campaign
  • Media placement
  • Activation channel (app, text, click)
  • Frequency (how many times did each user engage)


  • Entries
  • Video views
  • Social shares
  • Social follows
  • Opt-ins
  • Data shared
  • Purchases
  • And more

Standard Reports

Our Reporting Dashboard comes with a list of standard reports. These include Snaps by hour, day, week, month, campaign, channel, and more. We can also show you the total number of Snaps, unique visitors, and an entire engagement summary.

Mobile analytics on our Campaign Manager dashboard

Custom Reports

We can also create custom reports based on your campaign and reporting goals. Share these with your clients or other decision makers while maintaining your corporate branding.

Mobile Analytics: A customized dashboard showing SpyderLynk's data tracking capabilities

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