Passwords Becoming Passé? Take Our Poll!

Passwords, usernames, and logins affect authentication and mobile securityStop me if you’ve heard this one before – I was on my tablet shopping online, picked out the products that I wanted on a beauty site that I’ve shopped on once or twice before, built my cart so that I hit the free shipping threshold, and then, ah nuts, which password did I use for this site again? Was it my super-secure, sorta-secure, the one kinda-like-the-secure-one but with no special characters, the one like my less-secure one but with a capital letter? Uh! I tried a few of them, gave up and closed the tab. Never mind, I guess I’ll just go without!

I don’t know about you, but this username and password thing is killing me. I don’t want to use the same username and password everywhere because of all the security breaches we see on the evening news. A new study by Javelin Strategy & Research reported that every two seconds, another American becomes the victim of identity fraud. Data breaches were one of the main sources of fraud last year, with one in three people who received notifications of a data breach discovering their identities were used for fraudulent means, according to Javelin.

So what do the experts recommend we do? Create strong passwords and change them a lot…yeah, cause that’s how I want to spend my Saturday mornings, changing all of my passwords and then calling my bank the next week to ask them to help me because I forgot what I just changed my password to (true story). Come on, I already have way too much on my brain to store 87 username/password combinations, not to mention all of the different requirements these sites have about special characters, numbers, and upper case letters. I’m sick of it and quite frankly, I’d like to free up some memory in the old noggin’ for some more important information.

Usernames, Passwords, and Logins – Oh My!

This shopping experience got me really thinking about a world beyond usernames and passwords. Yeah, I get the whole social login thing, but the US military recently got their Twitter account hacked and if that can happen, I’m sure mine could get hacked, too. So a world beyond usernames and passwords isn’t just about simplicity, it also has to be about security.

So, there sets the stage for the problem. Tune in next time, I can’t wait to tell you more about our vision for easy and secure authentication, we’re calling it SnapTag Login, and how consumers are reacting to it. Until then, I’d love to get your thoughts on usernames and passwords. Please take our quick poll below…

Password Security Survey

Please select one answer for each question below:
  • How much of a hassle do you think it is to remember all of your usernames and passwords?
  • How do you currently manage your passwords?
  • In the past month, how many times have you abandoned an online shopping cart because you couldn't remember your username and/or password for the site?
  • Do you use social logins? (This means using your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter logins to access to other websites)
  • Do you feel that social logins are secure?
  • Do you feel that social logins are easy to use?