Mobile Security – Technically Speaking.


Closed. Proprietary. Secure.

SpyderLynk’s platform is closed-loop and proprietary. That means you can’t just Google “make a free SnapTag® mobile barcode” and voila! But, it also means the bad guys out there can’t do it either. All SnapTag mobile barcodes are made by us, read by us, and connect to our secure database. You can’t get much more mobile security than that!

SnapTag® Mobile Security

Mobile security via the SpyderLynk mobile platform

The Secret Sauce

Our patented SnapTag technology is a hybrid of image recognition and traditional barcode algorithms. This puts us on the forefront of mobile security. The single Code Ring SnapTag mobile barcode (loved in the marketplace since 2008) has about 100,000 combinations per logo. Our Double Snap (coming 2015) will offer more than 400 billion combinations per logo. That’s right, we said the “B” word and “per logo”. We actually use the logo as part of our algorithm, rather than ignoring it like a branded QR Code. Smart, right?


Code Ring™
You can use these Code Ring variations to track media placements and campaign performance. Or you could assign a unique one to individual packages, SKUs, customers, or each online session (wait, what? Click here to learn more and see how SnapTag can change the world).

Developer Tools

Client Portal – You can build, manage, deploy, and measure campaigns right from our Client Portal. Campaigns can be built using standard templates, custom templates, or we can give you the keys to build your own fully customized solutions. Click here to learn more or Contact us if you have questions we haven’t answered here.

Snap Reader SDK – You can embed our Snap Reader SDK right into your app. Or, if you don’t have an app, we can customize a version of the Snap Reader for you. Contact us to get our SDK documentation and learn more about how to integrate it.

Interaction API’s – We have worked with many partners to influence the consumer engagement journey at various points. From instant win algorithms, to sweepstakes data collection, to full commerce integration; we can hook our system up to yours in a snap. Contact us to learn more.

Reporting API’s – We have a reporting dashboard and can provide automated weekly reports. Or, if you need the data aggregated with yours, we can do that, too. We can pass all campaign data at once, do a nightly post or provide a real-time feed. Contact us to learn more.

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