Mobile Platform, Mobile Templates, Mobile Suites.

SpyderLynk's mobile platform contains a mobile suite complete with mobile templates for ease of use.

Mobile platform. Mobile templates. Mobile suites.
Is this mobile heaven or what?

Our robust, multi-channel mobile platform powers mobile campaigns of varying functionality and levels of sophistication. It’s an algorithm-driven platform that includes a Decision Engine, Secure Database, CRM, Reporting Dashboard, Content Platform, Campaign Manager, and API’s. That’s tech-talk that translates to “Holy Cow!” This mobile platform lets brand marketers manage, edit and optimize mobile marketing campaigns in real time. Marketers can respond to market trends, supply/demand, and even social media conversations-while they’re happening! That puts us in the marketing moment, and the moment it is happening, now!

We’re not just pretty, we’re smart. Check out our analytics data.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – this mobile platform goes beyond your analytical dreams. We give marketers access to a myriad of analytics data about how people engage with their brand. We allow the implementation of extensive customization tactics along with the ability to utilize data to determine future campaigns. (That’s targeting to the nth degree.) See more here>

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