Mobile Activation.


We provide mobile activation for every occasion.

Here’s a quick rundown of the types of mobile activation we offer. For more in depth information on each one, click the headers below. We love them all so much that we built them each a page on this website.

Mobile Activation Rundown

Mobile activation chart of mobile activator types

SnapTag® mobile barcodes
SnapTag mobile barcodes are SpyderLynk’s proprietary mobile activation product which combine a logo or icon and our patented Code Ring™. Users can activate a SnapTag with any camera phone by snapping a picture of it and texting it to a provide phone number. Learn more here
Best to use when you want a branded, secure experience accessible to anyone with a camera phone.

Universal Product Codes (UPC)
Using our Snap Reader mobile app, you can turn any UPC into an interactive campaign. We just made your packaging interactive without changing your packaging. That’s like marketing magic! Now, customers can use their own smartphones to get more information about the products they are considering.  Best to use when you want to run a program from packaging without changing the creative on the packaging.

QR Codes
You can create and manage QR Codes in our platform. Remember – our QR Codes aren’t your run of the mill QR Codes. Ours can do tricks. They are dynamic, meaning that you can change the destination URL at any time, you can build QR campaigns in our platform so they don’t just go to a website, plus they are connected to our reporting dashboard so you can see your clicks in real-time whether they’re scanned with our app or a third party app. Best to use when you need a code that will work across all QR Code readers.

Digital Placements
You’ve built a mobile campaign, why not put it everywhere? And by everywhere, we’re including online. With our Digital Placement activator, we’ll give you unique short URLs that you can include in online placements like email blasts, banner ads, Facebook pages, Twitter posts and more. Best to use when you want to launch a campaign from a website or email.

Text messaging keywords are a good cross-media solution and only require a standard mobile phone and texting capabilities. Just choose a keyword and off you go. Best to use when you have limited space or need an activator in radio or at an event when customers don’t have direct access to your creative to snap.

Contact Us to learn more about our keyword offering and for any questions on all of our activators.

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