Meeting Consumer Needs – Part 3

Where they are – with what they want – when they want it!

For the last few weeks, we have been sharing details of a survey we completed earlier this year asking consumers about their “moments of need” (moments when their interest is peaked, moments when they want something and moments when they may be prompted to act) when viewing advertising and whether mobile opportunities could satisfy those needs.

The takeaways from our most recent blog posts:

We found that, generally, marketers are making an impact validated by the fact that 84% of survey respondents said they either enjoy and/or find value in marketing and advertising. Those same respondents overwhelmingly indicated they were definitely more curious after seeing product advertisements (with over half saying they were anywhere from 10 to 50 times more curious!) Meaning that marketers are achieving part of their objective to generate increased interest, but the responses to the second part of our survey question indicated that we as marketers are not providing consumers with the right opportunity to act upon their increased curiosity.  60% of respondents said that they immediately wanted something more at least one to nine times after seeing an advertisement, but a full 1/3 of them said they didn’t actively seek more information.

We contend that by providing a mobile opportunity with the advertising that consumers will act upon their increased curiosity/interest, which was validated by over 50% of survey respondents saying they’d like to see mobile opportunities on product packaging, grocery store shelves, in magazines and in coupon circulars. Finally, we asked what type of mobile activator they’d like to see on advertising and whether they’d actively use them. Nearly 50% said they’d like to see a mobile trigger such as a SnapTag, QR code or UPC code and over 60% said they wished more product advertising included them and their use of mobile activators would increase if more were offered. The most telling fact that we’ve shared, though, is that 65% of survey respondents said they’d be somewhat to far more likely to buy if they could get the information they wanted at their moment of need.

We’ve identified that they want more information and that they’d act upon having more information at their fingertips…now let’s see exactly what they said they wanted to see. This week we’ll share insights from the survey regarding where and what type of mobile opportunities consumers have indicated they want.

We asked survey participants what types of mobile offers they would like to see while shopping at a grocery store and, while getting discount coupons was a high contender, several other responses show that marketers have a real opportunity to drive product awareness, loyalty and incremental sales:

  • 87% would like access to a coupon
  • 48% would like to get recipes
  • 47%  wanted to be able to complete a rebate form
  • 45% would like to see discount offers on complementary products (talk about a great cross selling/ incremental sales generator!)
  • 35% wanted to be able to enter sweepstakes
  • 29% said they’d like to add products to future shopping lists

High response rates were also given for mobile opportunities while dining at a restaurant:

  • 73% would like to get a coupon for future discounts (a great opportunity to drive repeat visits!)
  • 57% would like to earn points to redeem for free food or a chance to win other items
  • 37% wanted to be able to enter sweepstakes
  • 29% would like the opportunity to access product information (while many chain restaurants are offering nutritional information on their menu items, think about how nutritional and other information for a brand’s offering in a restaurant could be accessed with the snap of the camera phone!)
  • 16% said they’d like to play and/or download a free game
  • 12% said they’d like the opportunity to get free sports or entertainment video content

While out of home at events, survey respondents wanted discount coupons, but also wanted to be able to order product samples and even purchase products they saw at the events:

  • 61% wanted to get discount coupons to buy products at retail
  • 44% wanted to be able to order product samples
  • 39% wanted to actually purchase the product they saw at events
  • 34% wanted the opportunity to enter for a chance to win an experience upgrade
  • 30% wanted to be able to share with friends on a social network
  • 24% wanted the opportunity to get free videos that complemented the event they attended

Finally, while at home watching TV, respondents had a wide variety of responses to the types of mobile offers they’d like to see:

  • 50% wanted to get a coupon for a product they saw advertised in a TV commercial
  • 35% wanted the opportunity to enter sweepstakes
  • 34% wanted to find out more about a service
  • 29% wanted the opportunity to get free gift cards for setting up an appointment with a service provider/advertiser
  • 25% wanted to add products to future shopping lists
  • 25% wanted the opportunity to buy a product they saw advertised on TV

We know from this research that marketers have a huge opportunity to create a deeper engagement with consumers by turning static advertising into interactive advertising. But, how can they scale and deliver? We recommend anchoring advertising with mobile marketing to give marketers the opportunity to satisfy moments of desire motivated by that advertising. Next week we’ll share some interesting client campaigns and results that demonstrate how to anchor your advertising with the power of mobile marketing.

  • consumer_interest24% said they’d be far more likely to buy;
  • 41% said they’d be somewhat more likely to buy;
  • 28% said it helped, but they would continue to research/shop;
  • 7% said it had no impact on their likelihood to buy.

The results were very similar when asked if it would impact their loyalty to a brand. What this tells us that it’s no different than other mediums like the Internet or TV shopping shows like QVC. If you give them the information they want, when they want it, and you provide an easy path to purchase, they will convert from interested consumers to buyers! We also know that consumers’ appetite for mobile engagements will only continue to grow. According to recent research conducted by eMarketer, Pew and ComScore, 91% of adult consumers now own a mobile phone; they spend 2.2 hours a day on their phone with non-voice activities; and four out of five shop on their smartphone. Those statistics tell us that we as marketers need to continue to find compelling ways to engage with consumers on their mobile phones!

Next week, we’ll explore some of the places in which consumers from our survey said that they’d like to see mobile activators and share results from some of our clients’ campaigns using mobile activators in these places.