Managed Services.


We work the way you want to work. So what works for you?

You can simply buy access to our tools and use them yourself, but if that seems a bit daunting (even though we think our tools are super cool and easy to use) then we have you covered.

We have a whole team of really smart people to help you through the process. From “I want to add mobile to this campaign but where do I start?” to “How do we re-think our marketing mix to integrate mobile?” to “We have to stop running mobile experiments and start strategically deploying mobile at scale, how do we do that?” We have your answers and a whole lot more.

Here’s what our managed services include:


  • Campaign ideation
  • Full mobile integration strategy
  • Iterative development

Project Management

  • Campaign optimization
  • QA
  • Coordination with agencies and partners
  • Full service execution
  • Best practices


  • ROI evaluation strategy
  • Campaign and media analysis
  • Campaign takeaways and recommendations

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