What I learned about Mobile/Mobile Marketing in 2013

2013 seems to have been the breakout year for marketers! What better way to reach consumers than at their finger tips?   As VP of Sales for SpyderLynk, I am encouraged by the number of questions and time marketers are taking to learn about the different mobile technologies and to really take stock of how mobile can be made an effective part of their overall marketing strategy.

Most marketers I’ve met this year want to be sure that whatever mobile strategy they choose fits into their mold – rather than the other way around. However, new mobile technologies and companies are popping up at such a rapid pace that it is a monumental task to try to understand it all.   The challenge for marketers is to not become overwhelmed and do nothing – and get passed by the competition. Those that are willing to experiment, fail and try again will find their way.

My biggest lesson learned this year is that marketers have learned and are becoming much more mobile savvy, especially in the use of mobile barcodes. A prime example is the QR code. It has been around a while, but the buzz in marketing circles is still one of pondering what to do with them. Common themes are they are unattractive, offer little call to action, and consumers are still confused about what they are and what they are going to get when (or if) they scan it.

Marketers tested the QR code and have realized it positives and negatives. Marketers liked that the QR code led them down the path of communicating with consumers in-store and out-of-home; however, marketers quickly became disenchanted with its lack of security, its odd look and the challenging task of trying to evolve engagement.

The SnapTag does all of this better and marketers have now turned to the SnapTag with excitement! Every single marketer I’ve met this year remarks how attractive the SnapTag is. They love the branding aspect the SnapTag offers. They are also in love with the fact that no one can hack into the SnapTag and redirect the intended experience. Since the SnapTag can only be read by the SnapTag App or through SpyderLynk’s server, promotional companies can confidently run campaigns offering millions of dollars in sweepstakes and instant win campaigns.

Marketers know what they want to do with the SnapTag. They have learned. I believe 2014 will be the year of the SnapTag. The big winner will be the consumer.   Promotions, coupons, product reviews, mCommerce, sweepstakes, instant wins, how-to videos, commercials, manuals, work schedules and so much more are safely delivered to consumers’ finger tips.

What I want to learn in 2014 is who will be the first person to win a $1 million prize from a SnapTag promotion!