Digital Placements.


Wire your offline and online media to the same campaign. That’s scale with the power of simplicity.

SpyderLynk offers Digital Placements with all of our web campaign templates so that you can extend your activation campaigns to online placements. So, if you’re building a free sample campaign to be activated at an event, in your direct mail pieces, and on print ads, why not extend that offer to your Facebook and Twitter followers, send it to your email subscribers, connect it to your banner ads, and promote it on your home page?

Each Digital Placement URL is tracked separately so you can tell what placements are driving activity.

How it Works:

For Consumers

Consumers will click on banner ads, tap on links in your Tweets, and click thru your emails to participate in campaigns that you’ve built on SpyderLynk’s platform. They will provide their information for free samples, sweepstakes, email opt-ins, get coupons, and watch videos. The experience will be optimized for their device automagically.

For Marketers

You can license any one of our Toolkits (QR Code, UPC, or SnapTag® mobile barcode) to build campaigns and add Digital Placements yourself or you can buy our Managed Services. With our Toolkits, you’ll get access to our client portal so that you can build, manage and deploy campaigns. You’ll be able to build campaigns on the fly and they’ll be active right away. Check out our Campaign Manager. Alternatively, you can add Managed Services and we’ll build and test the campaigns for you, and provide strategic and analytic support. You’ll still have access to our client portal, we’ll just do the heavy lifting for you. Learn more about our Managed Services offering here.

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