Applications for Brand Positioning and Customer Engagement.

We easily snap into all parts of the purchasing journey for better brand positioning.


Brand positioning is visible across the entire spectrum of the consumer journey!

Brand Positioning and Customer Engagement Applications

Build Affinity with Brand Positioning

Connect with your audience, build brand affinity, and create meaningful experiences for consumers with a multidimensional campaign. SnapTag® mobile barcodes serve up unique brand content as well as special offers that promote brand positioning in unprecedented ways.

Initiate Customer Engagement from Traditional Media

SnapTag mobile barcodes are ideal for placement on all kinds of on-site media, including signage, banners, product packaging, and more. Achieve a new level of customer engagement at events by offering exclusive, specially furnished content, contests, sweepstakes, and scavenger hunts with an interactive 2D mobile barcode.

Promote Consideration and Generate Leads

SnapTag mobile barcodes help marketers accrue leads by delivering timely content and collecting customer data. By knowing where, when, and who snapped, you can gain deeper insights into your leads–all while providing your potential customers with compelling information for consideration of your products or services.

Drive to Retail with Database Marketing

Use SnapTag mobile barcodes to build your database marketing campaign with simple opt-in techniques. You can learn more about your customers, target campaigns to specific markets, compare customers’ value to the company, and provide customized offerings to help drive customers to retail outlets.

Increase Conversions with Offers and Promotions

With SnapTag mobile barcodes, marketers can put an incredibly powerful tool into consumers’ hands at the point of purchase. One snap gives shoppers product information, discounts, coupons and other incentives that convert shoppers to customers – right when they’re most ready to take action.

Grow Sales with Mobile Commerce

SnapTag mobile barcodes work even without mobile Web access, so marketers can interact with consumers and drive mobile purchase behavior. Mobile transactions and gift cards accelerate the sales cycle while providing detailed information about consumer behavior.

Amplify Loyalty with Social Networking

Social SnapTag mobile barcodes turn mass marketing into social media by making it easy for users to engage with a brand on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Social sharing exponentially increases the reach and performance of campaigns, and also acquires targeted and loyal consumers for any brand’s social database.


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