Brand Loyalty & Database Marketing = CRM.

Database marketing is key to building consumer relationships

Database marketing made possible through SnapTag® mobile barcodes.

Marketers implementing SnapTag mobile barcode campaigns can easily build a brand-specific database of consumers asking to hear regularly from your company. This database marketing opportunity allows brands to maintain relationships with targeted consumers. From mobile coupons and offers to loyalty and reward programs, the SpyderLynk platform  can manage as well as measure on-going interactions with your customers.

We can help you engage with your target audience when they are most likely to act, and keep the conversation going. We can tell you who is snapping your promotions, where they are snapping, as well as which medium they are reacting to the most! Data like this gives brands deep insights into consumer behavior and preferences that you can leverage for even greater impact. Want to know more?

Database marketing that produces brand loyalty.

Database Marketing Attributes

SpyderLynk’s closed-loop platform collects the data and keeps it safe. Meanwhile, our customer portal allows brands to access all manner of metrics from the number of snaps to the most popular time of day for interaction. Other metrics include the location of users, most successful mediums for activation, and number of repeated interactions, to name a few. Even age gates can be employed to guide appropriate material to the desired recipient. Imagine, knowing exactly how many customers responded to your on-site posters or event banners as opposed to printed or online promotions!

  • Features consumer phone number and/or email address.
  • Text messages keep the database informed, motivated, and engaged.
  • Data segmentation gives the marketer visibility into consumer behavior, geography, and other attributes.
  • Message optimization allows the marketer to deliver the right message to different consumer segments.
  • Engage in personalized communication with consumers.
  • Stimulate product demand.
  • Develop models of customer behavior.
  • Help determine customer lifetime value.
  • Provides interactive approach to an integrated marketing program.

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