Action SnapTags® Top QR Code Readers.

QR Code Readers left in the dust by Snap Reader

While the QR Code reader scans, the customer already knows where they're going with our custom QR codes called Action SnapTags.

Action SnapTag® mobile barcodes are more accessible, sophisticated, and attractive to both the user and QR code reader!

Leveraging icons as the centerpiece, Action SnapTag mobile barcodes are instantly recognizable-even a caveman knows what they are! These icons help consumers to understand their destination before they even access their QR code reader! The SnapTag mobile barcode opens new lines of communication with your customers that can bring all of your marketing channels together. For example: event signage can engage attendees with a mobile scavenger hunt, a price tag doubles as a window to an informational video about the product, a receipt contains an invitation to an instant win game, or coupons can even be delivered via online devices. Truly, omni-channel marketing is at hand! In addition, you can track snaps to discover everything from what mobile device your target is using to which channel (web, signage, POP display, etc.) is getting the most attention from consumers. See more about our mobile analytics>

The QR Code Reader has advanced with the smartphone….

…but only SnapTag has advanced with consumer expectations.

As consumers rely more and more on their mobile devices for everything from directions to instant messaging, the mobile activator (i.e. QR codes) have remained relatively unchanged. Except SnapTag. Not only do SnapTag mobile barcodes allow companies to brand 2 dimensional barcodes, they can also describe the destination to the viewer. And, we all know customers expect precise and customized communication.

Furthermore, consumers can use either a standard camera phone or smart phone to use our QR code reader, Snap Reader. Camera phone users simply snap a picture and send it to the designated short code. Smart phone users have the option to scan the SnapTag mobile barcode with the SnapTag Reader App available for free through Google Play or the App Store.

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