2D Barcode Generator for QR Code Alternatives.


Making a QR Code is easy, getting consumers to scan them is another trick…

…which we happen to be good at.

SpyderLynk offers a QR Code alternative, via our 2D barcode generator, that can be connected directly to your websites and landing pages or you can use our campaign templates to build meaningful campaigns that consumers will want to activate.

Spyderlynk's 2D barcode generator provides actionable insights

A SpyderLynk QR Code via our 2D Barcode Generator is:

  • Dynamic – you can change the destination of the QR Code anytime. This means your campaign could rotate daily, weekly, monthly, whatever. Or if you’re site isn’t up before you need to go to print, no problem. Just build the code and update the URL later.
  • Tracked – All activity is tracked whether a consumer scans with the Snap Reader app or another QR Code reader.
  • Licensed – SpyderLynk has licensed patents from NeoMedia to offer our clients a safe way to leverage QR Codes.
  • Connected to Templates – You can do more than connect our QR Codes to your websites, you can actually build full turnkey campaigns in our platform.

How it Works:

For Consumers

Consumers scan your QR Codes using the Snap Reader app or any other QR Reader. We recommend encouraging them to use the Snap Reader (or your branded version of our Snap Reader) in order to ensure the right experience and fuller tracking.

For Marketers

You can license our QR Toolkit to build QR campaigns yourself or you can buy our Managed Services. With our Toolkit, you’ll get access to our client portal so that you can build, manage and deploy campaigns. You’ll be able to build campaigns with our 2D barcode generator on the fly and they’ll be active right away. Check out our Campaign Manager. Alternatively, you can add Managed Services and we’ll build and test the campaigns for you, and provide strategic and analytic support. You’ll still have access to our client portal, we’ll just do the heavy lifting for you. Learn more about our Managed Services offering.

QR Code Generator

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