Watch how SnapTag mobile barcodes turned fashion week on its heels.

Shopper marketing, database marketing, 1:1 marketing (whatever you choose to call it) is having a profound impact on brands and consumers alike! Thanks to the mobile interface and mobile platforms like SpyderLynk, consumers can access a variety of information about any product or service at the moment of desire. Meanwhile, brands and their respective agencies have the ability to not only engage those consumers but collect data about their behavior in real time.
Taken a step further, SnapTag id can collect data on an individual basis by providing unique and secure mobile activators on a one-to-one basis. Now, each and every package can sport a mobile barcode specific to that package alone. Not only does this allow for customized engagement, it can also prevent counterfeits. Each direct mail piece can be tracked to the digital sphere where proper attribution can at last be quantified for tangible media. Mobile payments and authentication are only a snap away – and the best part is the level of security provided via multi-factor authentication.

Shopper marketing - let us help you leverage the possibilities!

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SpyderLynk offers a variety of options for integration with any of your marketing channels. From shopper marketing and engagement, to mobile payment and authentication, we’ve got your mobile marketing needs covered. We even have SDK’s, API’s, a client portal, and proprietary packages available for customization as well! Want to know more? Let’s talk tech! >

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