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What's a SnapTag?

Turns out the secret to successful mobile marketing is no secret at all. It's your logo. As a SnapTag.

Thinking of using QR codes for business? Imagine you had something that worked like a QR Code, or a 2D mobile barcode, but gave you so much more. Instead of using an indecipherable Rorschach blot, it used your logo. And instead of just taking people to a link, these designer QR codes opened up whole new lines of interactive communication. Ones that you could track, use and reuse to build relationships. 

You'd have a better way to build your mobile marketing. You'd have a SnapTag. 

Consumers with either a standard or smart camera phone get instant access to offers, content, promotions and information by snapping and sending a picture of the SnapTag to a designated short code. Or by scanning the SnapTag using a SnapTag Reader App.

Think of SnapTags as a custom QR code alternative that turn your logo into a widely adaptable interactive tool. 

It's more accessible, more sophisticated, and completely branded.


One logo. One thousand different ways to interact with your customer.Unique Code Ring Technology

With SnapTags, you can design your own logo QR code. See those gaps in the Code Ring? They can be moved to thousands of different positions. So you can create a thousand different logo-code combinations to fit any campaign objective. 

SnapTags are a better alternative to QR codes for business. Each can enable a different campaign, response or unique reporting data. Giving you more ways to segment campaign results or vary your message by Geography, Offer, Retail Channel, Media Channel, Promotion or Type of Signage.

                                      SnapTag is a patented technology.

Definition of a SnapTag

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