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Pricing Structure

We work with marketers to make mobile an effective part of their media mix.

SnapTag™ Campaign pricing includes both set up and consumer participation fees. Here is what to expect from a SnapTag campaign pricing proposal.

Campaign Set Up

  • Logo encoding to create a SnapTag (once built, SnapTags can be reused for future campaigns)
  • Code Rings enabling the implementation of additional campaigns or media source tracking
  • Each SnapTag is tied to a marketing campaign. Campaigns can vary in functionality and can feature sophisticated response logic to meet a vast array of business objectives.
  • A short list of SnapTag marketing applications include information sharing with or without an image, Mobile Giving, Video Delivery , Data Collection, Sweepstakes entry collection, Unique Promotional Codes, Store Locator , Age-gating, Instant Win, Scavenger Hunts, Collect to Win.

Snaps & Scans

  • Snaps and scans are charged on a monthly basis or can be purchased as packages
    • Volume discounts are built into the proposed packages

Loyalty Club

  • Campaigns can be built to offer consumers an opportunity to opt into a brand loyalty club to receive ongoing updates and messages from the brand.