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We did it again! Innovative Glamour Buy-it-Now Campaign Earns Silver Award from Mobile Marketing Association

SpyderLynk and Glamour’s Buy-it-Now Campaign has earned yet another recognition, this time a Smartie Award in the mCommerce category from The Mobile Marketing Association – making this the third winning award from esteemed organizations and judges that analyze mobile campaigns. The Smarties™ are the only global awards program dedicated exclusively to mobile marketing. The winners are selected from a competitive field of entrants, all of which showcase the potential and power of mobile as a practice.

We were in good company, too, with the Gold and the Bronze going to the powerhouse companies Google and T.G.I. Fridays respectively (and besting the other finalist, Sam’s Club.)  Nice company in which to be – especially given the high volume of entries this year.

Here’s what the Mobile Marketing Association had to say:

“The staggering increase we have witnessed in the volume of submissions as well as the markets contributing is truly remarkable and indicative that mobile marketing is being embraced by the industry at large,” said Greg Stuart, Global CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association.

“The winners showcase pillars of innovation, creativity and bravery as the teams push the boundaries of mobile to connect with consumers like never before. They are raising the bar to a gold standard for all future mobile marketing executions.”

The awards and overall recognition that this program has achieved proves to us that innovative technologies combine with creative program ideas to create spectacular campaigns.  Equipped with mobile commerce, social and promotional tools, SpyderLynk provides clients a robust suite of solutions to inspire and power your next big campaign.  Email us today to start brainstorming!


SpyderLynk and Glamour Magazine Take Top Honors in Prestigious Promo Magazine and Digiday Award Competitions

We always have believed that converting audiences to buyers was a big idea. It seems that PROMO Magazine and Digiday believe it is a big idea too. Both have honored SpyderLynk and our client, Glamour Magazine, with awards for their breakthrough Buy-it-Now Mobile Commerce campaign. PROMO honored us with a Pro Award in the Best Mobile Promotion category and Digiday honored us with a Digiday Mobi Award in the Best Mobile Direct Response Campaign category.

                                              About the PRO Awards
The PRO Awards recognize outstanding promotion marketing in 27 categories. They are the benchmark for outstanding creativity in the marketing industry, as judged by a jury of independent experts. The finalists that we beat to win the award in the Best Mobile Promotion category included LG Mobile, Sony Pictures and Unilever.

                                              About the Mobi Awards 
The Mobi Awards honor overall excellence and breakthrough achievement for mobile media, marketing and advertising in 14 categories. The finalists that we beat to win the award in the Best Mobile Direct Response category included American Express and Pandora.

       Why the Glamour Buy-it-Now Mobile Commerce Campaign Rocked
The “Buy-it-Now” mobile commerce campaign enabled advertisers to activate a sale where and when consumers were motivated by advertising. Consumers could purchase products on-the-spot throughout Glamour’s March issue. To build awareness around the March issue, Glamour worked with its advertisers to generate buzz by creating and unveiling additional mobile shopping experiences prior to the magazine’s March publication including “Taxi Shops” and a “shoppable” Apothecary Wall- both of which provided consumers with the ability to purchase products in NYC at the height of the fashion season.

This campaign delivered much more than a simple visit to a commerce website and included:
•  A mobile shopping experience
•  A social connection
•  A secure mobile check out
•  A sale beyond retail
•  A mobile wallet set up
•  A delivery confirmation

At SpyderLynk, we loved the programs that were also finalists for the same Digiday and Promo Awards and given the strength of the competition, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have won!

We are proud to share this honor with Glamour Magazine, a true innovator in the magazine category.

Both of these awards further reinforce that there is real value in using innovation to drive audience conversion.  We are excited about the opportunity to work with marketers to transform their mass marketing into a platform for driving audience conversion.  Digiday and Promo, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

A big thanks goes out to all the individuals and organizations that lent a hand in making a this project such a success!

EA SPORTS Leverages SnapTags to Convert Retail Consumers and Deliver Value

A few weeks ago EA SPORTS released NCAA® Football 13 & Madden NFL 13 video games and used SnapTags as an integral part of the release strategy.  The games, described as having “physics you can feel” features revolutionary graphics, powered by the all-new Infinity Engine, that provide “true player impact and authentic momentum transfer” ensuring that no two plays ever look or feel the same.

While hardcore gamers were hyped about the release and well aware of the shiny new features, EA SPORTS was able to leverage the SpyderLynk platform to reach out to and connect with a different audience, the casual gamer.  Featured on the front of the package as well as in-store promotion materials, EA SPORTS is reaching out directly at the point-of-purchase to peak the interest of the casual video game shopper strolling through the isle.  Shoppers snap the SnapTag and instantly view a video that highlights the games new features inclu­ding the stunningly realistic graphics.  After the video plays, shoppers are automatically taken back to the conversation screen where they can link to additional content on the game and ‘Like’ EA SPORTS on Facebook.

By putting SnapTags on POP materials, EA SPORTS not only get to provide consumers information that will influence them to buy the product, but also gets to control the entire experience.  Rather than the shopper Googleing around and accessing information with an unknown tone or intent, the brand gets to customize the consumer experience and tailor it to influence consumers in the desired fashion.

Christopher Erb, Vice President Brand Marketing, of EA SPORTS explained their decision to use the technology, saying that, “SpyderLynk offers an innovative mobile marketing technology solution that provides us the opportunity to connect instantly with any gamer who has a camera phone. We were attracted to SnapTags because they are fully customizable and scalable.”SnapTags provide marketers an unprecedented ability to convert consumers and impact them at all stages of the consumer decision journey. This mobile initiative is designed to engage consumers, drive purchase consideration and activate a sale by enabling consumers to experience the games before purchasing, and potentially represents the first mobile interaction that consumers have had with EA SPORTS.  With a strong first engagement packed full of value, the brand has now opened the door for consumers to want future mobile engagement with the brand, and that is where the real value lies in mobile engagement.

The Vast Opportunity for Payments While Mobile

Chuck Martin, CEO of The Mobile Future Institute and Director of the Center of Media Research at MediaPost and a New York Times business bestselling author, recently wrote a blog post titled Mobile Payments vs. Payments While Mobile in which he raised some excellent points about the distinction between the two and the opportunities that exist for both.

While talk about mobile payments tends to focus on consumers using mobile wallets and NFC on their mobile devices as a means of payment, the larger more transformative opportunity that we are excited about involves consumers using a mobile device to make purchases away from retail.

Chuck suggests that the importance of payments while mobile is reinforced by:

  1. The fact that there more opportunities to use a phone to pay for goods and services where your brand is not being sold than where your brand is being sold.
  2. Insights from a study conducted by Mobio Identity Systems Inc. The study showed that while only a combined total of 12% of people Spain, Germany, Argentina and the US have adopted a mobile wallet, 51% of consumers have made a payment while mobile within the past 3 months and 82% see themselves making one within the next year.

For a moment, just stop and think as a consumer about all the times that you come into contact with a brand or a product but are not in a retail setting where you can buy the product; reading a magazine and seeing ads, walking past a billboard, drinking a bottle of wine, etc.

All these experiences represent an opportunity for consumers to use their mobile devices to engage with your brand and to make a purchase while under the influence of a brand experience.

SpyderLynk has been helping brands sell to consumers beyond retail.  Here is how it works:

  1. The SnapTag is placed on any type of advertising with an invitation to activate a shopping engagement.
  2. Consumers snap to see more about the products, find out the price even get discounts for liking the brand.
  3. Consumers who want to make a purchase add the product to a shopping cart and check out.
  4. Our payment processer partner Buck processes the payment and a distribution order is submitted to one of our distribution partners which currently include, Sears and Macys.

Some brands like L’Oreal are ahead of the curve and exploring opportunities for driving sales and payments while mobile   Inspired by the fact that while the U.S. ecommerce market is expected to grow at 12% CAGR through 2015, mobile and social are expected to explode at 59% and 148%, L’Oreal crafted a Mobile Taxi Shop initiative rooted in mobile and social.  In March a fleet of m-commerce enabled Taxi Shops used ‘Shop the Look SnapTags’ and SpyderLynk’s shopping solutions allowing  riders to activate a shopping experience, purchase Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent beauty products and seamlessly share the experience with their social networks all while riding through Manhattan in a ‘taxi shop’.

L’Oreal surveyed consumers’ reactions to new mobile shopping experiences and were pleased by the results; downloads to the app increased by approximately 80% during the 5 day campaign and that nearly 1 in 3 of the Mobile Taxi Riders snapped a SnapTag. The program garnered 51mm impressions during the 5 day campaign and the response from participants was extremely positive with 94% agreeing that the program showed both Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent as industry innovators.

Likewise, Glamour Magazine and 21 of its advertisers deployed Buy-It-Now SnapTags and SpyderLynk’s mobile shopping solution throughout the March issue of the magazine, allowing readers to buy products directly from the magazine’s pages.  Glamour also leveraged the technology to create a shoppable apothecary wall in New York, transforming media and influencing consumer spending in a new way.

The ways you can use commerce SnapTags are endless and the opportunity is vast.  Shoot us an email to find out how you can best leverage the technology to capture consumer’s ability to make payments while mobile.

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