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Building Bridges to the Consumer – By SpyderLynk CEO Nicole Skogg

Impulse conversion. That’s what I spent a lot of 2013 thinking about, as a consumer, as a marketer, and as a technologist. I think impulse conversion is the single most powerful and transformative aspect of mobile. For example, I was at AT&T buying my new iPhone last week and didn’t like their cases, so I went to Amazon on my new iPhone while the guy was checking me out on his tablet and within 90 seconds I’d selected a new case for my phone and it showed up at my house in 2 days. Impulse conversion. Another example, I was shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch on Black Friday (ok, yes it was 1am, don’t judge) and found a sweater that I had to have for 50% off, but the line was an hour long, so I jumped on my mobile, found the sweater online, purchased it and it showed up at my house a few days later. Impulse conversion. On the other hand, I was watching the news before work yesterday and there was an announcement that it was Colorado Gives Day, I thought to myself, I really should give $50 to this worthy charity for disabled athletes which they were featuring. I had full intent to do so, but then I finished getting ready, got my baby ready, got in the car, drove to work and the intent was totally forgotten until now and it’s Colorado Gives Day is over. Failed impulse conversion. In this case, the media and PR worked, stirring the emotion to give and creating intent, yay! But, without a bridge to help me convert that intent, I never fulfilled my impulse.

As marketers, we have a new opportunity with mobile as nearly all consumers in the US are walking around right now with a transacting device in their hands. Actually, the opportunity is even bigger than transactions, nearly all US consumers right now are walking around with an engagement-driving, relationship-building, experience-creating, data-enabling, promotion-activating, coupon-storing, social-connecting, transaction devices. So the opportunity goes way beyond driving interest and intent. We need to build bridges and stimulate engagement so that the intent is easily converted. Build bridges to the consumer through mobile activators and induce engagement through meaningful mobile experiences and offers.

If the intent is there, then the media worked, the advertising worked, the creative worked, and the campaign worked. Great job! But, the next and most valuable step is to cause conversion and measure it. Whether the conversion is tied directly to a transaction or to a meaningful engagement, our jobs are to build the bridge to the consumer. Make it easy for them to convert their impulse. If not, they’ll finish getting ready, get the baby ready and walk out the door.

Leading Industry Research Firm Provides Insights into Mobile Engagement Puzzle

This past quarter, Forrester Research published a research paper titled “Wanted: Mobile Engagement Providers” which offers some great insights and recommendations for companies that are looking to not only integrate mobile, but make mobile a meaningful engagement tool for their operations – whether it be for their internal operations like field service and CRM or for external sales and marketing engagements.

According to Forrester, “Building and delivering great mobile experiences will be the beating heart of your customer engagement strategy for the next 10 years. The challenge of making a simple, intuitive app that fronts a complex system of engagement will stretch the abilities and swamp the resources of most firms. For help, firms increasingly turn to vendors that possess a connected portfolio of engagement competencies and management skills. The result will be a new market for mobile engagement providers that will grow to $32.4 billion by 2018…”

Forrester’s findings go to the heart of what we’ve been saying to our clients and prospects for the past two years: Companies who are committed to strategically integrating mobile need to find an all-in-one partner that can help them build and scale a full service offering in the mobile channel.

Among the many findings of this important research, Forrester identified an emerging “new breed of mobile engagement providers” defined as providers who have a complete portfolio of engagement competencies and management skills to help build and deliver great mobile experiences at global scale. These engagement competencies range from strategy and design through integration and analytics. In terms of management skills, they identified a mobile engagement partner as one who can serve the needs of both business and IT stakeholders with the ability to manage complex programs and serve as a general contractor for an ecosystem of subcontractors.

At SpyderLynk, we offer a complete mobile engagement platform and have executed over 1,500 mobile engagement campaigns for more than 30 of the top 100 advertisers in the US. We have built a powerful platform that delivers a suite of mobile engagement solutions including coupons, commerce, social, promotions, content, surveys and CRM: Served from SpyderLynk’s Platform

For more information about some of the successful programs that we’ve managed for companies like L’Oreal, Coke, Glamour and others, please visit:

Forrester’s complete report is available at:

We just learned that the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) awarded our client, Toyota, with a 2012 Innovation Award!

We were delighted to recently learn that the Direct Marketing Association (“DMA”), the world’s largest trade association dedicated to advancing marketing, awarded Toyota with a 2012 Innovation Award in the Mobile Marketing category for its innovative use of mobile incorporating our SnapTag reader and the ToyoTag in its 2012 Camry vehicle campaign. The ToyoTag is Toyota’s branded version of the SnapTag. Toyota branded and began integrating the ToyoTag across its marketing efforts to engage with consumers via their mobile phones in the summer of 2011 (This is what The New York Times reported about it at the time:

The DMA Innovation Awards recognize the innovative advances being made in marketing technology. Innovation can be in the form of new-to-market offers, standing solutions addressing complex business problems, market-leading solutions, or some new approach altogether that improves the efficiency or effectiveness of the programs. Finalists and winners were selected by a distinguished panel of judges.

“The continued integration of data, social, mobile, and creative through the use of digital marketing technology is changing the way that marketers can interact with consumers,” said Bruce Biegel, senior managing director, Winterberry Group, and an Innovation Awards judge. “The marketing possibilities enabled by the outstanding 2012 entries were a significant step forward in this evolution.”

We’re thrilled that the DMA recognized Toyota for their innovative use of mobile incorporating our SnapTag technology to engage with consumers. According to Toyota, the results demonstrated that consumers really like engaging this way – Toyota Camry sales posted a dramatic 20% sales lift due to their mobile campaign. To view a video of how the mobile campaign worked, please visit:

Expect to hear more news in the near future about how other auto manufacturers are incorporating mobile and SnapTags to engage with consumers!

We’re on a “Roll” Now!

ad:tech San Francisco

SpyderLynk was named a finalist and selected to participate in the ad:tech Start Up Spotlight Series two weeks ago in San Francisco – and we won! SpyderLynk presented as one of four finalists in ad:tech’s The Wonderful Pistachios Mobile Commerce Challenge.

Ad:tech partnered with Roll Global, parent company of Wonderful Pistachios, to find and reward the most innovative young companies in digital marketing. Finalists were given the opportunity to make mobile a real sales channel for this consumer packaged goods brand. As a winner, we are being given the opportunity to help Roll Global wade through barcodes, coupons and check-ins to find the right tactics for driving mobile purchases for Wonderful Pistachios.
Thanks to the judges and Roll Global for choosing SpyderLynk as a winner! We’re excited to be given this opportunity to demonstrate why we think our mobile marketing platform and SnapTags offer a best-in-class solution for brands looking to drive mobile commerce and integrate mobile into their marketing mix and look forward to working with Roll Global’s iconic Wonderful Pistachios brand. For more info click here.

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